7steps to fill your workshop and stop trading time for money

What is your number one fear? An empty room at your next workshop? … Mine too!!

And let’s agree – it’s not easy to get those bums on seats by just putting it ‘out there’.

So what is it that stops people from coming to learn from your experience … they don’t know you – and they don’t know why they need to come along.


Event free events can fail. So let me share the 7 tips that have taken me from 0 to fully booked rooms all over the country in less than 6 months.


So here are the 7 steps to fill up your workshops:

  1. Find local people on facebook RUNNING events and invite them to your workshop free of charge (Tip: Click Event Tab and look for people with events with good numbers)
  2. Be active on Facebook groups giving a lot of value consider running competition to giveaway a free ticket to your workshop (Tip: search for keyword in FB, click on Group tab for suggestions of relevant groups)
  3. Get multiple speaking gigs to upsell to your workshop (Tip: Book in for FM Half Day Business Workshop for SHORTCUTS to speaking gigs)
  4. Promote your workshop on meetup, facebook, Eventbrite, Sticky Tickets to reach existing audiences
  5. Create facebook event on all your pages and groups and invite your friends (Discover why this will always work – at the FM Business half dblj;dlkfnas;lfn)
  6. Get out to a lot of Meetups and invited the organisers to your workshop free of charge! This long term helped me fill up next workshop, always think about the bigger picture. (Consider providing a lucky door prize to make a connection with the organizer)
  7. Start a meetup – the right way – 3 out of every 4 meetups fail (Tip: Book in for FM Half Day Business Workshop to avoid empty meetups)


Use these 7 action steps next time you’re planning to fill your workshop and watch the interest, RSVP and attendance go through the roof …. But there are many more shortcuts to make this work quicker for YOU! Check more here.– FM


Looking forward to see you there,



Love and Live with Passion,

Francesca xo