9 Reasons Why You need a Following

Growing a following is SO important for your business, but a lot of entrepreneurs avoid it. Some of them get scared about the process and so they choose to focus on less important things. Others just don’t want to deal with all the work that you have to put into growing a tribe of followers.


Why do you need a following to succeed in business and in life? Think about it this way…


1. Followers=clients

If you’re open about your business and what you do, people will start to notice. This is why I talk so much about using social media for your business…if you aren’t posting about your work then how are any of your friends supposed to know what you’ve been to? Many people get referrals and clients from their base of followers. You should always be growing your following to make sure that new people are seeing your content.


2. Followers can offer a support system

If you’re having a hard time in business or in life, a support system can make a HUGE difference. You need a tribe that you can rely on in good and bad times. You should also be supportive to your followers and show them the same care that they show you. Makes sense, right?


3. Having a following gets you noticed

Have you ever been looking on Instagram and Facebook when someone’s profile catches your eye? You notice they have a big following of raving fans, and of course you start to get curious. After you’ve stalked them for a bit you might even decide to become part of their fan base. When we decide to go to a new restaurant or to go see a movie that just came out we might ask our friends for suggestions or look online to see the places that everyone else is excited about. When you have a following, people will notice you and they’ll share about you with others…this can cause HUGE growth for you and business!


4. A following gives you credibility

When you’re first starting out in business it can be tough to compete with all of the people who are already established as experts. If you have a following, people can tell that you have something good to offer, even if you’re new to your industry.


5. Followers can become collaborators

I’ve talked a lot about how important it is to collaborate with dolphins (remember there are sharks and dolphins in business…avoid the sharks!) You probably have some dolphins in among your followers who would be amazing to collaborate with…you just need to find them!


6. Followers have their own networks

When you’re hosting workshops and growing your network you’ll meet all kinds of people, and each person has their own network. Even if their network is small, there may be people who could use your help. When you build genuine connections with people and create trust you’ll start to meet the people in their networks, and that is where the real growth begins.


7. Having a following keeps you motivated

 Do you ever have those times where you know you need to get something done but you’re avoiding it like crazy?? We’ve all been there. But when people are watching, and when you feel like you’re being held accountable, it’s totally different. For example a new blogger could say “I’m going to publish a post everyday on my blog” but run out of steam after a week because they realise no one is reading their content. But a blogger who is putting their content on social media everyday, trying to collaborate with other bloggers and building a following will probably feel a lot more motivation to keep posting as their following grows. Followers hold you accountable and keep you motivated!


8. It’s easier than ever to grow a following

You have SO many tools that you can use to grow a following. Seriously a person could never leave their house and still have a massive following if they knew how to work social media Whether you grow your following online or through in person events, it’s simple these days to boom your network.


9. All kinds of opportunities can come from your followers

 Your followers can give you great new ideas, awesome collaboration opportunities, support when you need it the most and the motivation to push yourself and to grow. Don’t be afraid to grow a following…it will make all the difference!



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