Have you always wanted to be successful and be a Person Of Influence? Or peraps you see it as impossible to become one of them as you need to many years and too many skills? It doesn’t have to be that way. Become a person of Influence meant to be fun and rewarding!


In this book, Francesca Moi reveals her successful formula around getting a massive following and how to create a huge network in only 12 months.

Francesca has grown her Business to a 6 figure business in less than 12 months and you can do it too.


Following her strategy you will be able to grow your own following and start to be seen a person of influence, Francesca has done it using different strategies such as Meetup, Facebook Groups, Periscope, Blab and running events.

Francesca is an Italian young lady that moved to Australia 7 years ago, did not have any idea about business and did not that she was capable to run a business on her own.


Starting fresh as an Entrepreneur in Australia, Francesca realised that the power lies in your Network.


She needed to create a Community and she discovered this ‘thing’ called ‘MeetUp’.


From 0 Members and with no friends or family in Australia Francesca grew a Database of over 10000 people in her target market in only a few months. Generating a very large passive income for herself and for her client’s workshops and training programs from Meetup groups. She was soon nominated “the MeetUp Queen”.

In only 12 months she created a 6 Figure Business and in this book she is going to share her secrets about building a massive following and how you can do it too!


Francesca in this book will show you:

  1. How to Profitably Network 
  2.  How could you leverage from Meetup
  3.  Different Meetup Strategies
  4.  How to ‘Sell without Selling’


  1. Are you sick of working one on one and want to leverage you time via events?
  2. Is your biggest fear around running events ‘Will anyone show up?’
  3. Are you ready to step up and reach a wider audience that needs to hear your message?


Getting ‘Bums on Seats’ is the single biggest challenge in running events.  In a world that is turning more and more to online solutions, this has increased the level of difficulty to get people into seminar rooms.  Once you know how to do it successfully, you can easily profit from events and leverage your time to reach those far and wide.


Natasa & Francesca run successful seminar based businesses for the public market and continue to consistently fill their rooms full of their ideal clients.  Their system is simple – 80% of the time you focus on Promoting and 20% on Preparing and Profiting from your efforts.


The strategies and secrets they share in this book are relevant to today’s fast paced world and most are low or no cost to execute.  Let’s get you some Bums on Seats!