Can really bring you new Business?

Yes yes yes the answer is yes for me and for all my clients! is a platform with millions of users and people that you probably haven’t tapped into yet J


I have started to use meetup to grow my network in 2014, and if you are asking me did it work?? I will say HELL YES!


At the beginning I was putting a lot of hours in and not much came back and the mentors I had at the time used to tell me “Francesca, there is no money in” and honestly I was doubting that what I was doing actually worked but I am so glad that I didn’t give up. In 12 months I sold over $200000 thanks to my meetups!


There is a secret though and I would love to share it with you so….keep reading!


I have learned to “merge” meetup and Facebook together!


I did that because I realised that people that came to my meetups may not have been my ideal clients but they were people and I looked good in the photos with loads of people at my events! So guess what? I started to show photos of my successful meetup events on Facebook and that’s when the real hype about me started to come together!


People started to follow me on Facebook and that’s how I got fully booked as a life coach in only 3 months.


Would have that happened without having to run all those meetup events though? Mmmm nope I don’t think so.


The events were the social proof that I was missing, online there is so much noise, so much competition…how do you stand out??


I found the magic formula: run LIVE events via meetup and promote them on facebook and BOOM your Business will increase, your following will grow, your likes and interaction will go through the roof, people all of a sudden want to buy your product/service…it’s just a no brainer you now are a person of influence and there is no going back.


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