Are you not sure you want to use your personal Facebook profile for business??

Seriously using your personal profile is a MUST in business… let me tell you why…


Apparently there are 1.71 Billion active users on Facebook, but Facebook is a business and it says “Show me the money, and we will show you to people”…if you don’t pay, you don’t get seen.


Why should you use your personal Facebook profile for business? Think about one the first things you do when you’re trying to learn more about someone. Be honest…do you go and stalk people on Facebook?? I am sure you do so your clients do that too… why not make it easy for them to STALK YOU!!!!


Your Facebook profile gives you the opportunity to show the real you. People stalk your photos and see what you’re up to, what you like, what makes you laugh, your family, your dog…people get a glimpse of what you’re about by checking out your Facebook profile. Is your business a huge part of your life? If the answer is ‘yes’, then it MUST be obvious on your Facebook page!


If you have been following me for a bit you would know that I don’t teach anything I haven’t done… I have been using my personal Facebook profile combined with groups, business page and eventually Facebook advertising to BOOM my business. And…I accomplished a 6+ figure business by:


Friending new contacts on Facebook: it’s easy to lose a business card or to forget the person who gave it to you. So how do you stand out??!? Friend all the people you meet networking on Facebook! You can even take a selfie with your new contact, post it and give them a little shout out. Give people something to remember! Once you are friends on Facebook they will stalk you and like a couple of your posts…from that moment on you will be on their Facebook wall EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! BOOM!!! #winning


-Use Facebook Live: if the idea of putting yourself in front of others freaks you out, it’s time to tackle your fear and GET OVER IT!!! “Going Live” with your life, your business and your goals is a great way to show the real you and to connect with others…so stop being afraid!!! Share tips with your network, talk about your latest projects, share funny stories and the back scenes of your day to day life and business…if you are consistent, people will follow and when people follow you your business will BOOM!!


-Make sure your personal Facebook profile is public: if your personal profile is hidden then people will be less likely to connect with you. An open, public profile shows that you are an open person, and that you want to grow your network. It’s an invitation for people to reach out to you! Make it easy for them to stalk you!


-Be strategic with your posts: realise that you may not have great results if you’re constantly posting about things that can be controversial, like politics or religion, or if you’re trying to sell, sell, sell without giving value. You need to give more than you get!


-Facebook ads: advertising on Facebook is part of the puzzle now in my business, but it isn’t the silver bullet. I first started using Facebook ads in November 2015, after I spent over a year building my network and my following MASSIVLEY! So don’t jump into giving money to Facebook to grow your business. Do it organically first… build your tribe and once you have momentum it will be time to get onto fb ads


-Be generous with freebies: growing your database takes a lot of work, but business is a number game so it will be worth it once you have a massive network! One of the main ways to get people into your funnel is to provide value by sharing knowledge, tips and experience with your network. How do you do this? There are dozens of ways: write an eBook, create a helpful checklist (I call them MAGIC PDF), make a how-to video, create a free course…the possibilities are endless! Just pick one and get started!



It all start from your NETWORK! I am about to start another National Tour, last one was totally fully booked around the country and it resulted in a 6 figure National Tour… so if you wish to learn how to fill your workshops and grow your business then come to my half-day workshop to learn more about how you can BOOM your business using Facebook and Meetup like I did!!!



Hope to see you there!

Love and Live with Passion,