I stuffed up my Facebook Strategy…

If I only knew this tip years ago ….my Facebook Business page the Meetup Queen would have 10000 likes by now!


When I started to use Facebook I realised that it was very hard to get engagement on my business page but on my personal page it was super easy so I started to slowly stop being active on my Business page as I considered it a waste of time!


That really helped my business a lot because on the personal profile (where people can friend you ) it’s really easy to get interaction with hundreds of likes and comments.



So here I share with you my top 3 mistakes


  1. Only focused on Personal Profile
  2. Not post enough on business page
  3. Getting people used to me being only active on my personal profile


Here are the 3 things I did super right:

  1. Being active on Personal Profile and add as many friends as possible
  2. Start my own facebook community with a group
  3. Being super consistent on both my group and my personal profile


What do I do different now:

  1. I post on my business page and share it on my personal profile
  2. I go live on my business page and while I am live I get my VA to share that live video on personal profile and groups
  3. I have reached 5000 friends and now I invite people to join my Facebook group as they can’t be my friends anymore

If you would like to learn more about what page to use on facebook come along to my FM half day buiness workshop where I show you my super shortcuts!