My Story

My name is Francesca Moi and they call me the Meetup Queen but that wasn’t always the case… 2 years ago I was terrified to speak in public and this year I run 100 events/workshops and presented in front of 2800 people!


In Dec 2014 I decided to leave my 9-5 job in Australia and move back to Italy where I got introduced to Personal Development. And this has truly changed my whole life!


I finally found my passion and got back to Brisbane as a qualified life coach. When I moved to Brisbane I didn’t know anyone expect my flat mate and I was struggling to:

  • find clients
  • market myself and sell my service
  • stand out in this busy business world.


I decided to start a Meetup Group around Personal Development, where I was inviting Guest Speakers along to speak to my group. I got 45 people at my first event and I started to enjoy public speaking. At event number 3 the attendees started to ask me more about me so I decided to add a 15 minutes of Francesca’s magic at the beginning of each of my events, in this 15 I would do a little presentation about me, my business, my passion and obviously I would share with them some really cool tips and tools to improve their mindset.


I called it the 15 minutes of magic because magically, once I have introduced this presentation at my events, people started to ask me if I had any spots available to coach them. Shutttuppp in 3 months I became a fully booked and very happy life coach!

At this point a lot of other coaches and business owners asked me how did I manage to become fully booked in just 3 months?


I then realised that I could have taught them how to put together a community and grow their business and get fully booked too.


That is why I started Entrepreneurs Abundance Mindset Meetup and Facebook Group that become massive in Brisbane and where I get most of my leads from.


In 6 months I grew a 6 figure Business and I know teach other speakers, coaches, trainers, advisers how to

  • Become fully booked
  • Move from 1:1 to one to many business structure (start running successful workshops)
  • Get fully booked with Speaking gigs all over the country



Just by starting a Successful Meetup group and a international Facebook group!


My clients have been getting amazing results and have:

  • Tripled their leads in just a few months
  • Doubled their business in a few weeks
  • Became known as an expert in their niche
  • Got heaps of Speaking Gigs all over Australia


During the last 12 months I have also written and published 2 books, a lot of people ask me how did I have all this energy and time to do it all. Well I say:


Your Business is a 3D print out of your thoughts!


Whatever you believe is possible it is J whatever you believe is impossible it is! So work on your mindset and your business and life will reflect it!