How I Grew My Following and BOOM my Business

Growing your network takes a lot of hard work and effort, but it can also be a ton of FUN! There are so many networking guides out there where they teach you to go to networking meetings, wear nametags and make small talk with a few people to build connections. That approach can work…but if you want MASSIVE growth, keep reading!


When I came to Australia from Italy I knew one here. Everything and everyone was unfamiliar to me. I had some ideas about what I wanted to do, and I knew that I needed to put myself out there, but it was scary to take that first step.


When I started my personal development business I realised that Facebook and MeetUp would be powerful tools for growing my network to thousands and thousands of people. The best part is that these sites are simple, cheap to use, and open to everyone. Boom!!





Mastering Facebook and MeetUp takes some trial and error.


Here are some basic things that I’ve done to grow my network into the thousands:


1.Be active on Facebook

 This is so, so important!! Anyone can have a Facebook profile but you have to be active to get noticed. Some people worry about this because they have no idea what to post. If you don’t know what to say at least take time to comment on your friend’s photos and posts. And look for the people who DO post a lot and try to get ideas from them.

Even something simple like a photo of your dog or a status about your fun night out is better than silence for days on end. Use Facebook to tell your story!


2.Join Facebook Groups (or start your own!)

 Spending time in a Facebook group can be like hanging out with a bunch of like-minded people. You’re all there because of a common interest, so use that to your advantage and try to make some new friends. Post and comment often and try to go to group events. Seriously you can make a lot of new friends through groups!


3.Keep an eye on your Facebook events

 Want to do something fun this weekend? Check out your Facebook events…chances are that there’s something going on near you. FB will let you know if you’re friends are interested in (or going to) events near you, so watch for that as well. Some of these events will attract thousands of people…perfect for networking!


4.Go to MeetUps is sooo powerful for networking. It’s like a combo of FB groups and FB events. There are MeetUp groups based on certain topics (like Personal Development Mindset Brisbane or Young Entrepreneurs Society Brisbane…a couple of my MeetUp groups!) and then group organisers can create events for the groups.

 Going to these events is PERFECT for meeting new people. When you’re at the event try to connect with people on Facebook so that you can build a lasting relationship (remember that people usually throw business cards away).


5.Hold Workshops for your business

If you have no idea how to get started with workshops, don’t worry…I talk all about this in my book “Follow Me”  and in my own half-day workshops. Holding workshops for your business is a great way to connect with a small group of people. You might end up collaborating with some of these people or becoming their best friends…that can lead to all kinds of great opportunities for them and you!


Need more tips for growing your network? Come to my next half-day workshop in your city!