I Messed Up Big Time!

I can’t believe this! I just had a huge wake up call this year that made a great impact in me, my team and my business.

As you all,2017 was such a huge success for our company—it was our biggest year yet!

After having years of success using only organic strategies to grow my network and put bums on seats, 2017 was the year I decided to invest in Facebook Ads to take things to the next level. They were great! They brought me clients and brought more amazing people to my half-day workshop.

Hand-in-hand with my organic strategies, Facebook Ads were the icing on the cake to get the few seats needed to reach our goals!

Now, this is where it got so messy. 

At the beginning of 2018, we relied waaaay too much on Facebook Ads to bring the numbers in.  And guess what?  FACEBOOK ADS DIDN’T DELIVER!!

I spent over $40,000 on Facebook Ads in just a few months, having only 8 people converted to my high-end program while comparing it to the 18 people converted all thru our organic strategy!

Shocking isn’t it??

This is the biggest lesson that I had to learn this year. That I need to believe on my own strategies! Not because they don’t work, but for the reason that it is much powerful than any Marketing Ads there is!

Are you also experiencing this?

Spending too much $$$ on different marketing ads but gets you nowhere? I’m happy to have you to our next Half Day Workshop in your city. You can check the dates here.