I got bitten by a shark….

No I didn’t go surfing and got bitten by a shark…. I was Networking and got bitten by another type of shark…the business one!
Have you ever met a business shark before? Well I have and I still have an emotional scar from it!


I have realised that in Business we are very vulnerable and always in search of the next magic pill that is going to advance our business fast! So when we are vulnerable we can make the wrong choices and I did.


I feel that we are on an entrepreneur ship. We are in the ocean and we are all in this big ship and we’re trying to get past the big storms and we’re trying to survive and get to where we want to be, which is an amazingly beautiful island and we all want to find that. That island is always far and it gets closer, then further away depending on what’s happening in the ocean. Then all of a sudden we decide that we want some support and we see a lot of fins. As we see the fins, we just don’t know what type of fins they are. Dolphins? Sharks? We think, ‘Let’s just go and check it out.’


As we get closer we realise they’re all dolphins. We go in the water, start to swim around with them and have fun and as we get closer and closer into the circle where the dolphins are swimming, we realise that there’s a shark leading this group and the shark is eating and biting all the dolphins.


What I’m telling you is that I’ve been bitten by a shark a couple of times already in my business and I’ve been telling all the other dolphins, get out of here. But they don’t see it, they just want to keep hanging around there and the more dolphins that are around this shark, the more dolphins they attract. That’s why the sharks surround themselves with dolphins and I don’t like that, I want to stop the sharks surrounding themselves with dolphins, because they are killing a lot of businesses and they are ripping a lot of people off by charging a lot of money and not giving the value that they’ve promised.


One thing that I can tell you is that I realise that those two times I’ve got burnt, I knew, absolutely knew that my gut feelings were telling me, ‘Do not go with this person, do not buy this program, do not do any collaboration with this person!’ But the offer was too good to be true; the offer was so hot, the money in the game was so appealing to me at the time that I was desperate, that I was like, ‘Okay, I’m going to go with you.’


What I’m telling you is that if you make a decision in business based on fear or based on whether you don’t go with this person you might not make it, then that’s a decision taken from ego. Ego is that part of us that we want to avoid making decisions from. Ego is equal to fear. When you make a decision from fear, you are in the wrong space and you’re going to attract the wrong people. Please make sure that you follow your gut instinct and you follow your higher self. Never make a decision in fear. If you do that you’re going to be really surrounded by dolphins with no shark in the middle and you’re not going to be safe in this entrepreneurship journey.


I can show you how to attract the right people (dolphins) at your events at my workshop!


Hope to see you there!

Love and Live with Passion,