Keys to Attracting more Clients

Let’s all admit it.. Being a business owner sometimes can be frustrating, overwhelming, and tiring. And with this, we always end up disorganized and a bit all over the place! (GUILTY! HAHA!)

Honestly speaking, I was the worst at organizing things back when I was starting my business. I didn’t have my own database, lead magnets, or booking system. Crazy right?

But over the years of running my business, I have the opportunity to meet with amazing people who really did helped me in organising stuff for me and have them automated! And I am literally LOVING IT!!!


So now you’re probably thinking, how did I get all those cold leads in my Facebook Groups into my recent database/system? Easy!

  1. Create your own Lead Magnet
  • Having your own lead magnet helps you get all your cold leads into your database where you can finally nurture them, be in touch in more personal levels and also communicate effectively. Perfect right?


  1. Have your own Database
  • From Ontraport to MailChimp to Active Campaign, it is wise to choose the right database for you according to the business that you have. Having your own database makes it easier to email or work with your leads. It is also what you call a digital “phone book” where you can search/add people easily.


  1. Have a Proper Booking System
  • Running a business is hard so make sure you have these essential tools that can automatically collect payments, book their spot without you lifting any finger or worrying about making mistakes.

You can check out Acuity, Calendly/ Office 365/ Google or Gettimely to automate your schedules.


  1. Have a Filing System
  • Paper works can take a toll on storage space. You might want to have something where you can safe keep your Intellectual Property, documents, contracts where you can access it offline and online. There are heaps of amazing tools such as Dropbox, Office 365, Google Drive etc.


Growing our business means we need more time focusing on it. Don’t let small task like these keep you expanding! Always find ways to save time as TIME = MONEY.