Mindset in Business Success

I’ve talked before about how mindset makes all the difference in business. Do you know what your mindset is like? Are you always positive and looking for the bright side of things, or do you get down easily and have negative thoughts? Are you somewhere in the middle?


Changing your mindset is hard work. It might take you some time to switch out negative thoughts for positive ones and to focus on seeing the bright side. But once you’ve mastered this, BOOM…you’ll see incredible changes in your life and business!


So how do you create a success mindset? Start with these simple steps…


1.Give give give

I knew that I’d discovered a formula for success when I started using Facebook and MeetUp for my business. I’d found ways to quickly grow my network, to bring in clients and to fill my workshops.giving

What do you think would have happened to my business if I didn’t share my knowledge and experiences? If I didn’t hold workshops and coach other entrepreneurs or if I didn’t collaborate with people?

My business would not be the way it is today. Giving value to people and helping others has opened up SO many doors for me and for my clients. The success mindset is like the abundance mindset…you can’t be afraid to share what you know! There is enough business out there for everyone to find success.


2.Be confident

shutterstock_264221285You have to believe in yourself before others can believe in you. It’s that simple! If you’re unsure about what you have to offer then how are your clients going to feel??

When you’re starting out you should learn as much as you possibly can about your field. You need to become the expert.

You can learn a lot through studying but you also need to learn through doing. Some of my clients get nervous about holding workshops because they think “no one is going to show up” or “nobody cares about what I have to say.” But once they’ve done their first workshop and seen some success the next one is SO much easier. Imagine that!


3.Make an effort to be positive

We all know people who seem to constantly have something to complain about. The weather’s bad, work isn’t going well, the family’s being difficult, etc. It’s one thing to be frustrated every once in awhile but it’s different if you’re consta94441e0e549c87ac96651055da09ecab--positive-happy-quotes-positive-inspirational-quotesntly upset and bothered about things.

When you feel frustrated, try to replace
your negative thoughts with good ones. You might automatically think “my workshop wasn’t a success, only 10 people showed up” when you could think “WOW, 10 people came to learn from me today! That was awesome!!”

You can’t always control the things that happen to you but you can control your reactions and your thoughts…work on being positive every single day!



Having a success mindset in business will truly change your life. If you need more tips on developing the right mindset come to my next workshop in your city!