2-Day Masterclass: Sales Mastery
by Natasa Denman & Francesca Moi

Attract and Convert with Ease
2-Day Sales Mastery Masterclass

 Strong brands have the ability to create a powerful Sales Pipeline and Convert Leads into Clients Consistently! 

Brisbane| 13th & 14th of March 2018

 M.A.F.I.A. Hub, 1/7 Miller St., Murrarie, Qld

Don't Take Our Word For It...
Our clients and live event attendees started making extra money straight away. From an extra $2500 per month, right up to $22,000 extra each day (yes! You read that correctly).

They’re doing this by simply speaking and building a business around their inner voice using Social Media, which is masterfully positioned through their profiles. Like you, they are seeking to live their calling and purpose as messengers while blending money and meaning.  As this is the very first of these Masterclasses here is some feedback we had from a similar training in late 2016 - our Bums on Seats Masterclass.
What is the Ultimate Secret to our success?
If you look at some of the most successful and highly paid thought-leaders of our time — Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Suze Orman and Oprah Winfrey — you’ll find one thing in common:

They found their inner voice and invested their time and energy into becoming masters of communication in the marketplace by building a large following.  Today its so much easier to build a huge following super fast with the use of Social Media. 

People who learn how to use social media and build a powerful following attract the most opportunities visibility, and income.

Simply stated- those who have a HUGE FOLLWING tend to make a ton more money!

Thought leaders and small business owners are thriving now like never before because the world is seeking answers much faster than ever before. Thought leaders, small business owners and messengers (like YOU) have the unique ability to be SOLUTION providers through the use of Social Media.
Social Media Enables You To Attract What You Want With The Smallest Amount Of Effort and Money while having The Greatest Amount Of Impact.
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Discover how to: 
Convert leads and prospects into clients
Achieve high Return of Investment
Setting up Joint Ventures with the Power of Social Media
Anita Bentata
Natasa and Francesca have been a rare find for me. I have been running my 3 businesses as a solo business owner over 20 years and but not really living the Entrepreneur part till I met Nat and the Boom girl! They are fresh, real, fun, genuine, and loaded with practical and successful steps and tools. They walk the talk and model heart centred business with feet firmly planted. 
Andrea Dix
I've grown both personally and professionally since working with Natasa and Francesca. Their combination of energy, passion and knowledge is infectious and supportive. I can't wait to see where I'm at in 12 months time!
James Bomford
What a team, the inexplicable dynamics of this duo is something to behold. My life, my business, my general being has improved astronomically by being in the room with these two.
If you ever felt yucky about Sales you can stop worrying.  We will teach you a Pull Selling Formula that works like magic!

Sales Mastery is going to be the Bloodline to your Business - Take the time and Invest in You so that your business is around for many years and helps thousands of people!