Francesca Moi, The Meetup Queen and (“the crazy Italian lady”) is a successful business owner, speaker and coach to businesses and start-ups.  

Audiences from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to Italy, where she was born and raised, have described her as “energetic”, “inspiring” and “humorous”. Her personality is infectious and combined with her love of events and social media, will captivate an audience quickly and easily. 

Client feedback: “I could listen to her all day, she has an incredible story and is extremely engaging!” 

Francesca is the CEO of Empowering Events, the Godmother of the M.A.F.I.A. (Meetup and Facebook International Academy). A company she founded in 2013, where she runs successful events and also teaches business and personalities how to become famous, by leveraging their following and filing their events.

The author of two books, Follow Me – Shutttupp and Build your Network and Bums on Seats with Natasa Denman. She is extremely passionate about using events and social media to raise your profile and create a one-to-many business, rather than slaving away in a one-on-one and time-for-money business, that you’re unable to scale. 


In true Francesca style she likes to imprint her fun and imaginative side and in 2016 alone spoke at more than 100 events on the topics of:

  • Get bums on seats: How to fill up your workshops
  • Monetise Meetup and Facebook groups and make a 6-figure income
  • The 7 secrets to “sell without selling”
  • How to get the right mindset to achieve success
  • How to create a raving fan from the minute you meet someone

The FM story…

Fresh from Italy, Francesca came to Australia as a driven entrepreneur, with no friends or family to accompany her. Francesca decided to grow her community and did this through the power of the internet using just MeetUp and Facebook.  Soon after Francesca realised that the power lies within your network.

Francesca created a fool-proof system to show her clients how to build a profitable network of raving fans, through her own pure experience.

From 0 members to over 10,000 people in her meetups, in only a few months, Francesca has generated a 6-figure business for herself and for her client’s via workshops and training programs. She was soon nominated “The MeetUp Queen”.


As well as having super success with her workshops and training programs, speaking gigs has been a main factor within her workshop syllabus.



Teaching all her clients, how to fill their diary with speaking gigs, how to create their own speaking gigs and what profitable and effective content to use.


To which she has had amazing success rate from all of her clients and continues to watch them grow. 

  • FM Half Day Workshop 
  • 3-Day Build Massive Impact Workshop 

Francesca is a naturally engaging presenter. You will leave feeling inspired and motivated and best of all with business tips that easy to implement. --- Elizabeth Campbell, The Word Stylist

If you would like give Francesca the mic and have her speak at your next event, please email 

I believe in being generous and giving information I know will help immensely because that’s what people have done for me.