The Mistake of Choosing to Collaborate with a SHARK

In business I’ve realised that we’re always searching for the next big thing that’s going to bring us incredible success. When we network, we look for the kind of people who can bring us these big opportunities, but every once in awhile we make a mistake.


I think of it this way. We are all on an entrepreneur “ship” out in the ocean searching for our final destination…a beautiful and peaceful sunny island. While on the ocean we have to face a lot of storms, and sometimes we get blown off course. We decide that we need some support so we take a look around us. We see a lot of fins in the ocean but we can’t tell if these belong to dolphins or sharks.


As we get closer we realise that all the fins belong to dolphins. We start swimming around and having fun, but as we get closer to the inside of their circle, we find that the dolphins are getting attacked by a shark!


Business sharks are not the kind of people you want to work with. Believe me, getting bitten by a shark is BAD news!! Sharks kill businesses by ripping people off and not giving the value that they promised to give. Do you want to work with someone like that?!


Most people don’t want to work with sharks but they end up following them anyway. Why does that happen? Sometimes sharks are offering something that seems too good to be true…a lot of money, a lot of fame or more opportunities to grow. We get sucked into that and we end up getting bitten. And it HURTS!


So how do we avoid sharks while we’re searching for dolphins?


The key is to follow your gut.


It sounds easy, but sometimes it’s harder than you’d expect. Both times that I got bitten by a shark I KNEW that something wasn’t quite right…I felt inside that I was making a mistake. But I didn’t listen to myself.


If you’re making a decision out of fear, it’s not right. When you make choices out of fear it’s like adding blood to the water; you’re going to attract more sharks. I was afraid that I’d miss out on what the sharks were offering, which is why I followed them. Bad idea!!!


Even though I had some rough experiences out in the ocean I kept searching for dolphins…and I found one! I formed an amazing partnership with Natasa Denman from 48 Hour Author. Together we teach people how to fill events and workshops by getting bums on seats. Through this collaboration we created MASSIVE growth for our businesses and created a ton of value for the people who attend our bums on seats masterclass. That’s the power of partnering with a dolphin!!



In the bums on seats masterclass we teach you how to:

-Get the right clients flocking to your events

-Regularly fill up high-value, high-end events

-Effective ways for building and using partnerships (with dolphins!)




Love and live with passion,

Francesca xx