The Power of Collaboration!!! 


You know when you meet someone and they seem so nice, friendly, knowledgeable and well known that you can’t wait to collaborate with them? You know when you feel like if you don’t collaborate with them you would miss out? You know when you make decision a super quick because you sort of want to be on their good books?

Just take a minute and stop……. think twice before asking to collaborate as you might be locking yourself in for a NON pleasant ride…
How do I know?

I have done it, I have been there, I made a horrible decision! I chose to collaborate with someone that wasn’t on the same values as me and didn’t believe in my rule number one in Business: GIVE GIVE GIVE, with an Abundant mindset…just GIVE!

The person I made a not very smart deal with (not smart for me lol) taught me so so so many things about what NOT to do when deciding who to collaborate with. From every experience we can draw a positive outcome, however I will share with you here how to choose and find a strong person to collaborate with… ready…

I keep getting asked from my clients how do I choose the right people to collaborate with… and thanks to this experience I can tell you how!


DOWNLOAD HERE 11 Steps to Collaborate Successfully


If you put into action the tips on the checklist a real strong relationship will start like the one that Natasa Denman and I have, like the one I am building and nurturing with Elizabeth Campbell and obviously like I did with all the wonderful people in the photo above, those people actually made my life and my business soooo much better! Even Tony Robbins, yes! He is a person and remember….EVERYONE NEEDS SOMETHING!!!!

Two nights ago I have organised my very first Webinar with Natasa Denman and we had over 330 people registered and over 100 LIVE…plus so so so many people trying to join live but we reached the maximum allowed…it was so so exciting and it felt like we were stars :)))) If you would like to watch the replay of the webinar click here!
Love and Live with Passion,