Three Steps for being Ready for Opportunities

If you want to find good opportunities for your business then you have to be ready for them…seriously it isn’t enough to sit back and hope that good opportunities come your way!!

Collaborating with others helped me create MASSIVE growth in a short period of time, but I couldn’t have worked with other business owners if I hadn’t been ready to take on those opportunities. So how do you be ready when amazing opportunities come up??


There are three key steps…


1.Open your mind

You have to open your mind up to possibilities if you want to make your dreams into reality. When I first came to Australia I knew no one but now I have network of 15,000+ amazing people…I opened up my mind and my network and business grew a lot faster than I expected. Boom!!!

Try opening up your mind with exercises. Think about this, what would happen if a life coach and beauty therapist got together? How could they help each other out in business and in life? What kind of value could they give to their networks?

Exercising your mind is SO important for giving you confidence and helping you feel ready for anything that comes your way. It’s a key part of personal development and it makes a HUGE difference!!


2.Give give give

Giving of your time, knowledge and skills is seriously so important! This is a very simple thing that you can start doing to grow your business… When I knew that I wanted to do guest speaking I connected with event organisers and built a relationship before asking for anything in return. I asked what I could do for them, how I could help their audiences and networks, and once I had their trust, opportunities started opening up for me. Some entrepreneurs are nervous about giving away their secrets but you HAVE to have an abundant mindset if you want to grow!!

Everyone needs something, don’t forget this. I used this principle to form an amazing partnership with Natasa Denman. We are experts at putting bums on seats and together we are far more powerful than apart! Give give give also helped me achieve my dream of meeting Tony Robbins. So don’t be afraid to reach out and see how you can help others!


3.Follow your Gut

You have to trust yourself. In business there are sharks and dolphins. The dolphins are harmless and honest and hard-working, but the sharks are trying to kill businesses by ripping people off and not delivering true value.

I’ve been bitten by sharks a couple of times and looking back I KNEW what I was walking into…my gut was saying “don’t do this, this isn’t right for you”, but I was tempted by their promises of money and success. Getting bitten didn’t stop me from collaborating and networking with others…it just reminded me to follow my gut!



Amazing opportunities won’t come to you quickly without a network. If you want to learn how to grow your network and to BOOM your business with Facebook and Meetup, join me at my half-day workshop!



Hope to see you there!!


Love and live with passion,

Francesca xx