Upselling a High End Program

If you’ve done any workshops for your business you probably realize that they are a powerful tool for getting new clients and getting your name out there.


It can be sooo scary to hold that first workshop, but if you’ve done it once you can do it again. Workshops play a huge role in my business and they are constantly on my schedule…but there is more to my half-day workshop than just getting together for several hours with awesome entrepreneurs. I use my half-day workshops as a chance to teach people about a bigger and better program of mine that is packed with all the information they need to BOOM their business: my MAFIA (Meetup & Facebook International Academy)!


My half-day workshops are easy to attend and affordable…anyone can come and anyone can benefit from it. The Mafia, though, is more exclusive, more intense and it costs more money. It’s built for entrepreneurs who are seriously committed to reaching the next level in their business, and it’s filled with value and coaching that is totally worth the cost.


Everyone who comes to my workshops will hear about the Mafia, but not everyone will join. And that’s okay!!


You need a high-end program to upsell at your workshops in order to grow your business. This is what you can use to help other people find serious success, to build your tribe and to increase your revenue.


Your high-end program might be a course, a combo of a course/coaching or some other package that you create. No matter what’s in it, make sure that it delivers VALUE. It’s okay for your high-end program to have a high price if you’re changing lives and BOOMing businesses with it!


You might start to worry “what if no one is interested in this bigger and better product? What if it’s too expensive/too intense/not good enough etc.?” Relax and remember that testing out your program is part of the process…go through the program (and have others go through it) to get feedback on what works and what doesn’t and make changes from there. Simple!!


There are several ways that you can figure out pricing for your big program. You can have one price that everyone pays or you can have levels where people get access to certain materials (depending on what they’ve paid). You can also think about a subscription model where customers pay a monthly or yearly fee to access your program. All of these approaches can work, you just need to find the one that works best for your business.


Remember that the best way to get the word out about your bigger program is to upsell it at your workshops. The people in your workshops are there to listen to you; they’ve already shown their interest in what you have to offer. They are hot leads!!


Your workshop attendees need to know that your workshop is just a teaser of what you have to offer…your bigger program can give them so much more. Tell them about the program and offer them something special if they enroll within a certain time period. Create urgency and make them want to be part of your bigger and better program!


Upselling your high-end program is KEY for booming your business. If you need more tips on upselling come to my next workshop in your city!