Hi! I’m Francesca Moi, they call me The Meetup Queen and “Crazy Italian lady” I’m an Author, Social Media Speaker, Facebook and Meetup Expert, Networking, Events and strategist and Mind-set Coach. 


I help business owners, with an already successful “Time-for-money” one-on-one model, BOOM 


It makes my heart do a little dance every time I help a new business owner. Every time I see a client post a photo on social of their first FULLY BOOKED workshop, or event…their cheek-to-cheek smile warms my heart.

I get asked a lot of questions:


Are you really The Crazy Italian Lady?




Are you really crazy?

Yes, we’re all a little crazy!


Where in Italy are you from?




How did you get into business in Australia?

Ah, good question let me
tell you a story.

I didn’t grow up knowing what I wanted to be. I never grew up knowing my passion like some people do. Some people are born with it, others have to go on a journey to find it and some never unearth it.
I was always passionate about whatever I did, but I was also impatient and I wanted shortcuts. I wanted to know how to do something yesterday.


When I came to Australia from Italy in 2008, I slaved away in a corporate 9-to-5 job that I hated. IT was stressful and I felt unappreciated. I was working my fingers to the bone. So after five years, I quit the daily grind and moved back to Italy where I became a qualified mindset coach.


Finally, I had found my passion! And in February 2014, I came back to Australia as a new woman ready to take on the world!



I wanted to grow my life-coaching business, but it was a struggle to find the right clients and I didn’t know many people in this country.

That was until I started my first Meetup and started sharing my story and who I was. In just three months my life coaching business was fully booked in one-on-one sessions


In less than a year I went from being completely alone and unknown to building a profitable business and having access to a community of over 8000 members. That number is now more than 20,000!


Of course, I loved my business and being a life coach, but you know how much I love a shortcut and I knew there had to be an easier way to being in business.


I started running workshops and grew to a six-figure business in six months!


Not only that but I wrote and published two books, Follow Me: Shutttupp and Build your Network and Bums on Seats with Natasa Denman, and I am now the founder, AKA Godmother, of the MAFIA Academy (Meetup And Facebook International Academy).

I love teaching business owners like you how to build a community through Facebook and Meetup, and create a successful marketing funnel to have fully booked workshops and events. What I teach creates a ripple effect and you get the chance to spread your knowledge and help many others… I call it #fmrippleeffect.


Just like I’ve done for my clients and myself … I’m well and truly now on my way to a seven-figure business. I know, with determination and hard work, my approach will help you change the way you do business.


And this brings me to you.

It’s time for YOU to share your massive value with your community.

After dealing with more than 4000 entrepreneurs I know you as a business owner, can suffer from these three common issues:


1. We don’t know how to stand out from the noise.

2. We struggle to find quality HOT leads consistently.

3. We battle to convert them because we don’t show our massive value.


Does that happen to you?


It was certainly happening to me. So I made a decision to change the direction of my business from a one-on-one business model, to a one-to-many.

To solve these money blocks I designed the MAFIA Academy where the Mafians as they are affectionately known:



  • Stand out and become people of influence.
  • Get targeted new HOT leads every day
  • Convert those HOT leads and monetise their network (MASSIVELY! – up to 80 per cent in 4 weeks)



I am here to work with you, whether it is through my free content and webinars, or my paid workshops, programs and online training options. Everything I do in my business is to serve you in yours and I am deeply proud to earn a living doing so.  



Yes, I run a business too and I sell everything from products to programs.



But I’d also like you know a lot of the content I put out for you is FREE. I have weekly webinars and Facebook Lives where I share my business shortcuts and interview successful business people.



I have a blog and also a newsletter. I share case studies, videos and information about my clients who are crushing it. And a lot of created and curated content on my Facebook page and other social media platforms.

I believe in being generous and giving information I know will help immensely because that’s what people have done for me.

If you’ve read this far, I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you. I hope this is just the start of our beautiful business relationship.


I’d love to know more about you, your business and what you love and what you’d like to improve. Maybe I can help. Simply head over to my Facebook group Entrepreneurs Abundance Mindset, or signup to my newsletter. Those guys get all the cool content.


Why not stick around a little longer and read my blog?


Thanks for reading. I wish you every success.


Love and live with passion


5 things people don’t know about me:

  1. I was born in an island in Italy (Sardinia) before we moved to the north of Italy to a little town, called Faenza. I moved again with my family to four different cities growing up, so I guess I got used to being independent and changing friends often.
  2. I love Crossfit. I need to because I also love my mamma’s pasta!
  3. My dog, Penny, ran away when I was 19. I was so sad, but it also set me free so I could move to London.
  4. My brother is a very successful entrepreneur and music producer. He lives in Los Angeles and works with super famous people!
  5. Natasa Denman is not my real sister. There is a running joke that we are sisters. We are but not biologically, but we love working together on some projects and I truly feel like the aunty of her gorgeous kids!