All about Facebook Groups

Ok.. so on my last blog I’ve shared the Power of Facebook Groups and why it is important for your business. Today, I’ll be sharing WHY do you need to have a Facebook Group, WHY should you be the leader and WHAT are the benefits of running one. And then, I’ll be giving you my top tips on HOW you can nurture your people.

You like it?

You see, I’ve started my Facebook Group a few years ago and honestly, it has been one of the best strategy that I’ve done for my business. WHY?? It’s because I positioned myself as an expert and as a leader. Did you know that as of writing this blog, I already have more than 7000 people in my Entrepreneurs Abundance Mindset Group? Because of that, it helps with my business to be seen by my target market as well as helps me build amazing relationship with other business owners.  

Not convinced yet? Here are the PROS of running your own Facebook Group:

  1. Position yourself as a leader
  2. Have the control of content and members
  3. Gives you Credibility
  4. Social Proof

You believe me now?

Facebook Groups can be powerful and helpful to your business as long as you know how to use them properly. It is also important to nurture and give value your group so as to build trust, grow a community of raving fans, and create special connection within the group. You would want people to talk to you and ask you. You want them to engage and feel safe to share their wins, goals, and their stories.

Now that everything’s been done, the next question is HOW TO NURTURE YOUR GROUP? Here are my simple tips for you:


  1. Make them feel “at home”
  • Welcome your members and ask them to introduce themselves.


  1. Make it about THEM.
  • I always try to find what my people want. I ask them questions about their businesses and in return, gives me information about who they are and what they do. Always find ways to engage with your group – run competition, give free stuff, etc. – so everyone can benefit from it.


  1. Be consistent
  • Be consistent in posting everyday. Be a great example for your people to encourage them to share on your group every single day.


  1. Give Value
  • Make sure to always give value to your members. Share blogs, or links that can be of a great help to them – either mindset, business, or personal development. Show your people that it’s worth joining your group.


  1. Create interactive conversation
  • Put up theme days in your group and build. Best way for this is do Hash Tag Days where they can share their #wins, #promotions or their #events.


So what do you think about that?

Want to know more about how to use Facebook up to your advantage? Join me on my upcoming workshop in your city and learn heaps of strategy on how you can make your presence in social media!