My Tony Robbins 2018 UPW Experience

September 2018 was such a HUGE month for me. Aside from running my last FM National Tour for this year, I’ve also attended my 4th UPW in Sydney. And it has been life changing!!! It’s 4 days of transformation, growth and of course connecting with fellow attendees. There was over 8000 people at this UPW and the energy in the room was INCREDIBLE! 

As you all know by now, I am a huge Tony Robbins fan. AS IN HUGE! That I have already attended 6 of his events here in Australia- the Date with Destiny and the UPW.

You may be wondering why I have attended UPW 4 years in a row… But you see, it’s not just about Tony Robbins (who am I kidding?? LOL!), but I learn SO much every time! I got heaps of breakthroughs after attending his course.

Here are my top 5 take aways from the last UPW:

     – We are LOVE.
If you learn to love something or someone more than yourself, that is where you expand spiritually. 

     – Trade Expectation to APPRECIATION.
Stop expecting and start appreciating. When you’re grateful the universe will deliver.

     – CHANGE means it gets worse before it gets BETTER
Are you willing to stick it out and push forward to get to the other side??

     – Keep moving forward and TRUST the process.
Don’t be afraid to keep on moving. Remember, you’ll never get anywhere if you just stay still.

     – Where the FOCUS goes; ENERGY flows.
Choose one thing that you really want to do and focus all your energy to it.