Becoming Famous Offline and Online

Are you one of those people who wants to be known or be famous by people but is too scared?? So what is holding you back?

In the course of running a business, I’ve learned that there are people who are:

  1. Afraid of being seen or standing out – especially online
  2. Afraid of being judged and trolled
  3. Afraid of being successful

Awareness is the first step to success. If you are aware of what’s holding you back then, it’ll be easier to get help and fix your mindset around it. If you have a purpose and a mission to change people’s lives, it is enough reason for you to be known and stand out! There are people who wants to work with you or look up to you for inspiration; but if you hide, they’ll feel disappointed.

So now that you’ve decided to be the bigger person, you probably want to know how you can stand out from the craziness of social media. Here are my tips for you:


  1. It’s ok to BE YOU!
  • In social media we always have a reputation to uphold to. I now that! But remember, the right people will love the real you! So don’t be afraid of showing who you really are! Be goofy, weird, or nerdy. It’s time you own up to that!


  1. Have a Growth Mindset
  • As a business owner, we sometimes feel guilty or even think that we don’t deserve success. We fear success too much that we unconsciously holding our self back from the things that are for us.


  1. Get a Coach (Business/Mindset)
  • I know.. you’re thinking why would you need a coach if you are one right? There’s nothing wrong having someone looking from the outside. Having your own coach can give you unbiased advices and can see through things objectively. It is nothing to be ashamed of.


  1. Have a plan
  • Don’t go in to battles without knowing you are against with. This is the best explanation I can give. Create your own marketing and sales plans that you can easily implement in your business. As a business owner, one should always come prepared and be ready.



– This is the MOST IMPORTANT THING that you need to keep in mind. Always believe in yourself, in your purpose, and in your mission. Let’s not be hard on ourselves and accept our weakness and work on our strengths!