How to Deal with Stress and Feeling Overwhelm

As business owners we DO a lot. And I mean A LOT! It feels like 24 hours is still not enough to finish everything for our business. We mostly feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and sometimes, all over the place!

To tell you honestly, I also go through with this roller coaster of emotions! Even my mum can’t keep up with my ever changing mood. Ahahahah!

But how do one should deal with these overwhelming, stressful feeling in business?? These are my 3 top tips that I would LOVE to share with you:

– As business owners we start with a big WHY in our mind. This is what helped you get through the first years of business. But all of a sudden, money becomes important and the main focus of your business.

Remember, we have to keep in mind (and in heart) the WHY. It’s never about the money; but instead, it’s all about the PASSION. 

– Are you the type of person who keeps on following the next shiny thing?? Familiarise yourself of what your goals are or what you want to achieve in business. This will lessen the feeling of being overwhelmed.

– Need I say more?? Perfectionism is one of they reason why you are overwhelmed or stressed out most of time. Perfect website, perfect funnels, perfect everything! Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as PERFECT. Sometimes being perfect is what holds us back from being successful. We sometimes need to go through mistakes, failures and challenges for us to learn and grow as a person. These are the BEST TEACHERS in business. 

Being overwhelmed and stressed out is part of running a business. It would be a total shock if you say you haven’t been feeling any of this. But make sure that you know how to handle these negative feelings properly to stay balanced and align.

Remember to BREATHE and MEDITATE to clear your mind.