Why I hired Tina

Be honest….when you started your business did you try to handle everything on your own?


It’s tempting, especially at the beginning. You figure that you can take care of all the little details, everything from setting up workshops to making calls to managing your social media to being your own accountant.


At the start when I was doing a lot on my own, I learned a hard lesson fast….burnout is REAL, and it’s not fun!!


Once my business started to grow I realised that it would be impossible for me to handle everything on my own, so I hired Tina, my virtual assistant. My life changed and things got SOOO much simpler!


My team has grown along with my business, and now I can focus on the things that I’m good at without trying to do everything on my own.



Why should you hire a VA? Think about this…


1.There are some things that you aren’t great at

 You need so many skills to run a business all on your own. You can’t be an expert at every one of them! I am an expert at networking and running workshops, but that doesn’t mean that I’m an expert at accounting or running a website.

This is why I grew my team. I found people who are experts at the things that I’m not great at, I told them what I needed and BOOM…my life has gotten simpler and my business is more organised and successful because of my team!


2.You started a business to do what you love

 Some business tasks are not nearly as fun as others, but they have to be done. Ultimately you started a business because you want to spend time doing what you love, whether that’s networking, running workshops, doing speaking gigs or something else.

If you delegate tasks to your VA, you can spend time doing the things you love. You can work on figuring out the big picture goals for your business without having to worry so much about the little details. And life will become sooo much simpler!!


3.The goal is to bring value for your business

 There are thousands of VAs out there on sites like upwork.com. You might be thinking “how on earth do I find the right one?!”  

You can make the process easier by having a little test that applicants can take. This will help you narrow down the pool, and now you can really look for a VA that fits your needs.

Your VA should communicate well, have experience, be responsible and have enough time to focus on your business. You can start your VA off on a trial period if you want to make sure they’re the right fit. Remember that your VA should bring value to your business…that’s why you’re hiring them!



My VA Tina has helped me BOOM my business so much faster than I could have on my own!