How to Grow your Business Massively

Through out the span of my business, people kept on asking me how did I grow my business so fast! How did I do it? What is the secret?  Today, I am sharing some of my top strategies that I did to grow my business from 0 to a 7-figure. 

Are you ready??    

  1. Grow following 

 First tip is to grow your following. You know why?? There’s no point of selling your services if you have no following at all. There’s no one who’ll talk about you! And that’s not the case! You definitely have ways to go around and make sure the you are nurturing your people. This is where a lot of people make mistakes a lot of time. They think that there’s no point of growing their following since only a few people are getting their services. 

  2. Become a Celebrity 

  What do I mean by this? People in my niche and those who run workshops know me. I’m a little “celebrity” in the niche of running events, workshops and putting bums on seats. I may not be that big time celebrity, but meeting my followers in person like when I attended the 2018 UPW, made me think that if I wasn’t active and consistent in Facebook, I may not be able to call myself a celebrity- a celebrity in their niche.    

  3. Run Fully Booked Workshops Running workshops all over Australia is one of the major turning point in my business career. Before, I only do 1:1 session with clients and honestly, it takes a toll on me and my time! So when I finally realised that I can get fully booked Networking Events thru my Meetup, I decided to teach business owners and entrepreneurs scale their business thru my half day workshop.   

 These strategies are most effective when you are being CONSISTENT! That is the MAJOR key element in my business. I have been consistently active in growing my following, boosting my social profile as well as running workshops all over Australia. 

 Don't get me wrong, It was never a walk in the park for me. I have encountered so my downs in my career that almost made me want to quit the entrepreneurial life. But I didn't give in. I didn't let the small voice at the back of my head win.   

 Feel free to let me know how did it went for you. If you want to know more of my business journey, join me on my upcoming half day workshop in your city! I'll be sharing more of my top tips and strategies that made this business into a thriving one!   

 See you!